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The ability to read, write and communicate connects us to one another and empowers us to achieve things we would never have thought possible. The importance of communication via the written word and the connection it provides to the world are unparalleled. And that’s why it is so sad to imagine that there are still millions of people from every corner of the world who cannot read and write — 12% of the world’s population is considered functionally illiterate. We are contributing to many efforts to rectify this problem and support our sister organizations who are actively working in this area.

community learning center tutoring literacy clearwater floridaCommunity Learning Center Tutoring and School

Our purpose is to improve the lives of children and families through effective education, inspiration, creativity and making learning fun, relevant and a lifelong activity. Our professional tutoring is set up so that families of all income levels can get the academic help needed for their children. We work with each student to identify learning strengths and weaknesses and then develop an individualized program tailored to those needs. Our students regularly improve a full grade level with less than 30 hours of tutoring. We help students become independent learners.

Our K-6 school is open to all. Qualified students can get tuition through Florida’s Step Up For Students Program.

We do not use Common Core. Our effective curriculum helps students work on academics at the appropriate level. Our students also enjoy daily recess, and art and voice lessons each week.

About the Academy

Did you know your child can go to our private school on scholarship? Qualifying parents receive funding (from Step Up for Students) for tuition. At Community Learning Center Academy, the full scholarship covers 100% of our tuition! You only pay a one-time $125 registration/testing fee and $50/month for materials.

Our school serves Kindergarten – 6th grade. We use our effective curriculum and do NOT touch Common Core! Kids work on academics at the appropriate level. Kids enjoy recess, art and voice lessons each week. Limited amount of homework and small class sizes.

literacy st petersburg college st petersburg floridaSt. Petersburg College

In the 1920s, people in St. Petersburg began to talk about the need for an institution of higher learning to provide job skills training to local residents of modest means. At that time, St. Petersburg College was begun. And today it continues its long tradition of excellence wrought by dedicated faculty and visionary leadership. Affordable, accredited and comprehensive in its offerings, SPC continues to be responsive to community needs and committed to student success.

literacy the learning connection clearwater floridaThe Learning Connection

The Learning Connection, T.L.C. Inc. is a tutorial center offering a variety of educational services to help students from gifted to autistic, 3 year-olds to adults. Home-schooled students also receive assistance from us. It was founded in 1980 by Annette Primiani, B.S.,M.S. to solve a major problem in education: illiteracy. That might be a 7th grader who is reading at a 3rd grade level, a college student who reads at an 8th grade level, or an adult who can’t read, write or do math well enough to learn new career skills. We service a diverse population!

Little Learning Preschool

Little Learning preschool is currently accepting children ages 2 through 5. In our beautiful facility children experience love, learning and lots and lots of fun! Our staff is dedicated to providing an educational experience that not only prepares children for school, but gets them excited to learn!

Preschool education provides the foundation for a child’s development and assists them greatly in their early years of schooling. Children have proven to be the most intellectually absorbent in their first five years, making this an exciting and critically important learning period.