Overdosed Documentary

A documentary film by Mary Sue Connolly. Co-produced & featuring Breanne McUlty.

WHEN: Sat, February 9, 2019 | 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM EST

WHERE: Fort Harrison Retreat | 210 South Fort Harrison Avenue Clearwater, FL 33756

PRESENTED BY: Concerned Businessmen Association of Tampa Bay

DESCRIPTION: Hitting at the heart of the opioid drug crisis in America, “Overdosed” is a no-holds-barred tour of several small West Virginia communities given by one of its former drug dealers – from street drugs to big pharma, this documentary begs the question – who and what are the real sources of our current crisis?

The event includes refreshments and a Q and A with the film’s producer and others involved with the film.

Overdosed Movie Trailer


Overdosed Movie Success Stories

“So beautiful and moving. I cried!”

- Sarah Colon

“Overdosed – The story behind America’s opioid crisis. I watched this film yesterday and what I can say about it is: “WOW” It awakened me. “Drug addicts are created!” I already knew there was a problem but to see the realness of this film and to find out what is being done to America is just crazy. Something has to be done about this and something can be done about this. I highly recommend everyone seeing this film.”

- Renee Haroutunian

“Confronting evil is really hard! Thank you for doing this!!”

- Chantal Valtin

“It was an eyeopener to watch this film, thank you to the director and the crew for bringing the truth about pain drugs and what an epidemic this is becoming. People addicted to prescription drugs is at its highest ever. People need to know the truth. This film is a must watch for everyone!”

- Dolly

“Definitely worth seeing! Very impressive.”

- Susi

“Super important to get this film seen by as many people as possible! The mind blowing destruction that one doctor, one pharmacy and one drug company did to so many lives…they are the real criminals. There are more people dying from drug overdoses today then from car accidents. I would really like to applaud the director for bringing this film to the forefront. This is an epidemic that has to be dealt with.”

- Laurie Miller